Performativitet: Teoretiska tillämpningar i konstvetenskap: 1 (Swedish Edition)

Vad betyder performativitet? Och vad innebär det att tala om något som performativt? Den här läroboken vill klargöra och kritiskt belysa ett viktigt men ibland svårfångat begrepp. Bokens bidrag tar upp konkreta tolkningssituationer och visar på direkta tillämpningar av begreppet. Genom att lyfta fram konstverk och andra bilder från olika historiska perioder och sammanhang visar vi hur performativitet är ett mångsidigt och användbart ...

Dancers as Diplomats: American Choreography in Cultural Exchange

Dancers as Diplomats chronicles the role of dance and dancers in American cultural diplomacy. In the early decades of the Cold War and the twenty-first century, American dancers toured the globe on tours sponsored by the US State Department. Dancers as Diplomats tells the story of how these tours shaped and some times re-imagined ideas of the United States in unexpected, often sensational circumstances-pirouetting in Moscow as the Cu...

Robert Guédiguian

Intervening at the crossroads of philosophy, politics, and cinema, this book argues that the career of Robert Guédiguian is the result of one of the most original and coherent projects in contemporary French cinema: to make a committed, historically-conscious cinema, in a local space, over a long period of time, but most especially with friends. The account starts with in-depth consideration of friendship and its relation to philosop...

The Coppolas: A Family Business: A Family Business

The Coppolas: A Family Business examines the lives, films, and relationship of two exemplary filmmakers, Francis Ford Coppola and his daughter Sofia. It looks at their commonalities and differences, as artists and people, and at the way those qualities are reflected in their work. Much of the book is devoted to Francis and his outstanding achievements' and equally notable failures'as a screenwriter, director, producer, and presenter ...

Bollywood Sounds: The Cosmopolitan Mediations of Hindi Film Song

Bollywood Sounds focuses on the songs of Indian films in their historical, social, commercial, and cinematic contexts. Author Jayson Beaster-Jones takes readers through the highly collaborative compositional process, highlighting the contributions of film directors, music directors (composers), lyricists, musicians, and singers in song production. Through close musical and multimedia analysis of more than twenty landmark compositions...

A Global Doll's House: Ibsen and Distant Visions

This book addresses a deceptively simple question: what accounts for the global success ofA Doll’s House, Henrik Ibsen’s most popular play? Using maps, networks, and images to explore the world history of the play’s production, this question is considered from two angles: cultural transmission and adaptation. Analysing the play’s transmission reveals the social, economic, and political forces that have secured its place in the canon ...

Greeted With Smiles

As the Soviet Union stood on the brink of collapse, thousands of Bukharian Jews left their homes from across the predominantly Muslim cities of Central Asia, to reestablish their lives in the United States, Israel and Europe. Today, about thirty thousand Bukharian Jews reside in New York City, settled into close-knit communities and existing as a quintessential American immigrant group. For Bukharian immigrants, music is an essential...

The Theatre of Death – The Uncanny in Mimesis

This book is concerned with such questions as the following: What is the life of the past in the present? How might “the theatre of death” and “the uncanny in mimesis” allow us to conceive of the afterlife of a supposedly ephemeral art practice? How might a theatrical iconology engage with such fundamental social relations as those between the living and the dead? Distinct from the dominant expectation that actors should appear life-...

Savvy Chic: The Art of More for Less

From Anna Johnson, the author of Three Black Skirts and Handbags comes an invaluable manual for how to live well and elegantly on a budget. The perfect book for our more frugal times, Savvy Chic celebrates “the Art of More for Less,” illuminating the path to smarter, more creative spending for every woman trying to cut corners and save money, but who still wants to  live and look fabulous. Savvy Chic belongs on every woman’s bookshel...

Shakespeare in the Marketplace of Words

Making innovative use of digital and library archives, this book explores how Shakespeare used language to interact with the verbal marketplace of early modern England. By also combining word history with book history, Jonathan P. Lamb demonstrates Shakespeare's response to the world of words around him, in and through the formal features of his works. In chapters that focus on particular rhetorical features in Richard II, The Mercha...